I Believe I Can!

“How do you describe the feeling of imposter syndrome? When does it affect you the most? Why?”

Imposter syndrome is the feeling of inadequacy and constant self-doubt in one’s skills and abilities despite proven success. It’s also the assumption that other people are more knowledgeable, when in reality it may not be like that at all. I get imposter syndrome when learning something new and that may be outside of my comfort zone. I want to learn things quickly and prove that I am capable to others and myself. I overcome this feeling of imposter syndrome when I acknowledge that there is a learning curve to acquiring a new skill, and if something doesn’t turn out as planned then I will learn from it and keep moving forward.

“What have you learned about the tech world that you are happy to know?”

“Why is the way we talk to ourselves in our inner mind so important? What effect can it have on our well-being?”

It’s important to be aware of what sorts of thoughts we allow to enter our minds and reside there. If we fill our minds with positivity, then this will have a good impact on our mental health and overall well-being. Whereas, if we allow negative thoughts reside in our mind then we can expect this to have a detrimental impact on our overall well-being over time.

“What about this course is challenging you the most? How do you think you are growing through it?”

It’s difficult having a full-time job and balancing that with this course, among other things, which moves at a quick pace. It’s easy to fall behind if I don’t remain organized. So far I feel that I am keeping up well, and I am learning to balance my personal life, work life and school life all at the same time.

“How has podcast listening influenced the way you think?”

To be frank, I have not listened to many podcasts since enrolling in this course.

“What has your spare time looked like in comparison to what it looked like a year ago?”

A lot of my spare time today is focused on completing my coursework as well as learning the pre-work. I still find time to do things with my friends and family, but it’s become a little more challenging.




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Priscilla Martinez

Priscilla Martinez

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