Timeout! Javawhat?

“How is JavaScript different from CSS? In what ways? How are they similar”

JavaScript is a scripting language that can be used in both the client and server side. JavaScript makes websites more dynamic and interactive. CSS is a styling language, also used in the development of a website. Both Javascript and CSS, in their own way, can manipulate HTML elements using the DOM.

“How do you map the many different DOM methods and properties in your mind? How would you describe them to a non-developer”

I like to think of the DOM, like a tree that has many branches (i.e. objects). New branches can be added, other branches can be added, and we can manipulate the way these branches look. We can use CSS and JavaScript to easily access and manipulate objects in our HTML document.

“What do you find surprising about coding so far? Do you find anything easy? What? Why?”

Honestly, I am surprised I have found all coding-related questions on Google so far that may not have been covered in class or in the textbook. It’s so good to see other people have had similar issues, and there are plenty of examples to sift through. I find that I am getting better at CSS grid. Thanks to professor Robin for recommending the Layoutit Grid (https://grid.layoutit.com/) website, this has helped me visually understand how I should be setting up my layouts. I still feel I have much room for improvement, but it’s getting easier to understand the more I work with it.

“What’s difficult about coding for you? Why?”

Troubleshooting my code is hard sometimes because I don’t always know what to look for. Often times I find that I missed to incorporate something in my wireframe. So, I will completely gloss over it and then find that I have to go back to the beginning. I get too excited to start coding that my planning isn’t as thorough as it could be, so this is an area I will continue to work on. Also, breaking down the problems into small bites will help me a lot in the long run too.

“What’s cool about event listeners? Why are they useful and what more would you like to learn about them?”

Event listeners are functions in JavaScript that allow an action to occur if specified to an HTML element. For example, if you wanted some sort of action to occur when a user clicks on something on a web page then an event listener can be added to make that action happen.

“Why are you motivated? Why are you in this class?”

I look forward to class every week. I enjoy what I am learning in class, and getting to apply the knowledge I’ve learned into building small projects. Every time I complete a small project, and I understand the concepts, I see it as a great achievement. It is a lot of work that goes into this class, but I keep my focus on my long-term goal which is to be a web developer and this is what motivates me to continue putting the work in.




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